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Game Surveys

We are certified by the Texas Parks and Wildlife to conduct game surveys of your land or lease land, high or low fenced. Whether you're looking for native whitetail, axis deer, fallow deer, black buck antelope, or any others, we'll help you get a good count. Taking a bird's eye view makes it easier to follow your Deer Management Plan (DMP).

We are also permitted through Texas Parks and Wildlife to net native whitetail and exotic game for transport or resale. Round up your lost or escaped exotics or do your regular cattle herding from the air.

We can also use the Robinson 44 with cold Air Conditioning when more than 1 passenger is going priced at $700.00 per hour.

Use your Game Biologist or let us provide you with ours.

Completed LOA (Land Owner Authorization) required. Click here for LOA.

GPS Tracking available

Minimum 2 hour flight time required

Video Documentation available

E-mail: [email protected] or call Steve at 512-557-3656 for more information.

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